Cast & Crew

Thank you to all who auditioned for Anastasia!  We saw some very talented actresses and actors on our stage this past week at auditions and are very excited to put your talents to use in this production.

We can only have one Anya, and that made for some very difficult decisions, as we had several young ladies who could be a great fit for this role.  (And only one Dmitry, one Vlad, one Lily, etc.)  I wish as a director I could cast you all in these roles, but choices have to be made, no matter how hard that may be.   More important - we need a full cast of characters to create a show in which our audience can be immersed in the total experience of the story of Anastasia.  No matter which role, or roles, you have received, each is vital to making this production a success.  I look forward to worrking with you all for the next few months to make this the best musical that we have ever put on the WLA stage.

Below you will find several items.  Of course, the cast list you've been waiting to see is listed first.  I've also included the rehearsal calendar and music & blocking groupings.  For the blocking groups, take a look at the character scene breakdown to know which scenes you are in.  Compare that to the blocking sheet.  For the music groupings, everyone should plan to be at Group A practices.  For groups B & C, I have listed names next to the songs for those involved in them. 

You'll note that our first read-through is August 28 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.  I'll hand out scripts and also go through the calendar and how the schedule works at that time.  If you have any questions prior to that, just email me at, or stop up and see me in my classroom once school starts.