WLA Theatre

The Winnebago Lutheran Academy Theatre Department is committed to the art of the stage, equipping students for lives in families, congregations, and communities!

WLA 2020-2021 Theatre Season

I am excited to begin another year of theatre arts at Winnebago Lutheran Academy - my first as full-time director of the WLA Theatre Arts program, and my 5th year as a director of our plays on WLA's stage.

We have a unique year this theatre season, as we are balancing offering a drama program with student safety measures implemented relating to the current pandemic. For the fall, we will be offering Radium Girls - a play that our students can perform without singing, which also has streaming rights available if we are unable to offer live performances in November. For spring, we are scheduled for a Children's Theatre production - we'll see what form of production this takes based on our situation as we head into the spring.

Auditions for our fall play will take place during the first two weeks of school. Radium Girls has a flexible cast that can be done with as few as 9 actors with role doubling to as many as 30 actors without - we'll work with the amount based on the number of auditioning students. I would love to see a full cast of our actors and actresses portraying the characters of this compelling historical drama, as we tell the story of Grace Fryer, a radium dial painter who lived the injustice of the radium scandals of the 1920's.

In Christ,

Andrew Mildebrandt