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The Winnebago Lutheran Academy Theatre Department is committed to the art of the stage, equipping students for lives in families, congregations, and communities!

Fall 2020 Opportunities!

Afternoons of Improv

During our time of hiatus for quarantine, we have been given limited time with a limited troupe of actors for some afternoons to work on our improv skills. We’ll have a fun hour of working with our improvisation skills through some different workshops. My intention is to offer 12 slots for each session once per week on Tuesdays from 3:30 - 4:30 PM. (If some of you have open gym/weightlifting, you can combine with someone to come for a half hour each, as it seems the teams switch around the 4 PM time for gym time. Just put both your names on the one sign-up slot.).

Our dates fall once per week, and I will do the same workshop games twice in a row to allow room to let everyone come to a session. (For example, I’ll offer one session on a Tuesday at 3:30 pm, and then the same session material the following week on Tuesday at 3:30 pm. If you sign up for one of these sessions, allow some others to sign up for the following week’s one before taking a spot. If no one new has taken them the day before, feel free to take the slot.) These will begin Tuesday, September 22.

Sign up by following the link for Improv Afternoons on the left side of this page.

Radio Show

Toward the end of September, I will be holding virtual auditions for a radio show to be presented online at the end of October. Plan on recording a virtual audition video for me by September 25. There is a link on the left side of this page that you can access with your school email to record an audition. See Mr. Mildebrandt for the audition pages to review and record.

We will be presenting the original script of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds, which originally aired on October 30, 1938 on the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network. Some viewers tuned in a few minutes late, and were led to believe the weekly show had been interrupted by the newscast of an actual alien invasion, which caused some ensuing panic. I’d like to have this recorded in smaller groups chosen from the auditions, so that we can broadcast it on October 30 on our school Facebook page. (It seems fitting for the year 2020 so far.)

For these virtual auditions, I will be giving you some script excerpts to record on Flipgrid. I’ll choose actors based on voice quality and expression. (Noone will see your face for this production.) There are 20 voice characters for this production, although at most only 5 - 6 work together at any point in recording the script. We’ll basically have one night for most characters to come in, rehearse their lines together, and then record their section of the script. The groups of script recordings will be put together in the studio for the final production that we will publish on our Facebook page and website for listening.

Stop and see Mr. Mildebrandt to view a copy of the script and get the audition pages.